Law & Self-Regulation

Legal and business perspectives

This book is especially intended for business students who are new to the study of law and law students who want to be introduced to the business dimension of their profession. Business and legal theories are combined into a concise practical overview of the relationship between law and business with a focus on corporate strategy development and its implementation.

The regulatory environment is examined and presented from two perspectives; a legal and a business perspective. For the analysis and evaluation from a business perspective, the following key business concepts are used: business, company, reputation, compliance, responsibility, environments, value, strategy, marketing, legal function and risk management. For the analysis and presentation from a legal perspective the following key legal concepts are used: hard and soft law, the rule of law, human rights, self-regulation, legal family, legal system, contracts, dispute resolution and enforcement. These and other legal concepts are presented, examined, and evaluated with the aim of outlining their potential function for strategy development, strategic choices, reputation and risk management. To realise the integration of law and business the following concepts to link the two are used : regulatory environmental analysis, regulatory opportunities or threats, regulatory strengths and weaknesses, strategic input, strategy testing, strategy contribution, reputation management and risk management.

Key features of the book:

  • A presentation of the (self) regulatory environment from different perspectives.
  • Relevant articles from codes, treaties and self-regulation so that the book can be studied without the need to consult additional literature.
  • References to internet sources which offer regulatory information relevant to business are made throughout the text.
  • Coverage of key contemporary topical issues from miscellaneous sources engages the readers’ interest and emphasises the relevance of law to business practice.
  • End-of-chapter English-Dutch translations of key terms.
  • An accompanying website,, which enables students and lecturers to access additional sources such as websites, power point slides, self evaluation questions, summaries and the bibliography.


About the Author

Nico Jansen MBA DipM MCIM (LLM) studied law at the Rijksuniversiteit in Utrecht, The Netherlands; business administration at Edinburgh Business School, the Graduate School of Business of Heriot-Watt University, Scotland; and marketing at the Dutch Institute of Marketing (NIMA) and the British Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM). He has held international sales, marketing and legal positions in the healthcare and publishing industry and is the founder of and Presently he combines entrepreneurial activities with lecturing positions at the faculty of Economics and Business Administration of the Vrije Universiteit and Inholland University of Applied Sciences, both in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. The author can be contacted at